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Residential Project Planning & Design


Mary True's knack for strategic and practical planning, small-space living, and organization equips clients with the necessary knowledge to navigate the home improvement process.


Together, we will turn your home into one that is TRUELY yours. 


Meet Mary

An Oregon native with over 2 decades in the construction and design industry, Mary True’s passion for design and planning started with her very first dollhouse. Mary brought that dollhouse to life in her early 20's as she built her own home and has been thriving in the industry ever since!

Mary founded Homemakers of Oregon in 1999, along with her husband Bob, and have taken on a variety of projects all over Portland starting; both big and small.  

Now, Mary True is combining her skills and channeling her love for design and creativity to focus on consultations that help her clients find their True North and bring their very own "dollhouse" to life.

“Over the past 20 years, I have seen firsthand how challenging the world of home improvement can be for everyone involved. The home improvement journey shouldn’t have to translate to expensive, unattainable, or draining. I wanted my work life to take on less stress and hurry by letting others focus on project management. This leaves me with more time for conversation and to focus on what I do best: connect with each client to chart your course and create a space that reflects your needs, personality, and lifestyle!"




You have improvements you want to do but don't know where to start? 


Have a project in mind but not sure what it will cost? 


Need a referral to trusted contractors and suppliers? 



Consultations & Servies

Remodel / Building Consultation:

Whether you're building from the ground up or setting a vision of your existing space, your project should never translate to expensive, unattainable or draining. 

 Mary True pairs good value with good design by integrating a cohesive step-by-step plan to create functional, efficient and quality interior environment that inspires you to live life beautifully on any budget, timeline, or lifestyle!



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