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Five benefits of ADUs

June 27, 2018



You’ve probably heard of them, and you might have seen them on a long walk with your dog or on your drive to work: we’re talking about ADUs, one of the most unique and popular building trends in inner city Portland.


ADUs, or Accessory Dwelling Units, are “a second dwelling unit created on a lot with a house, attached house or manufactured home,” as described by the City of Portland. This space comes in a variety of forms, from separate living space in your main home to an entirely new unit built on your property.


So maybe you have room in your basement for a full unit, or maybe you have a decent size yard that might be a great fit for an ADU—why build one?


HOMEmakers of Oregon has done a number of ADU projects for a whole host of reasons, and there are dozens more beyond that. Here are five of the main benefits to consider:


1. Have aging parents close by


Many of you face the reality of aging parents that are still mobile enough to live on their own, but need to live in close proximity. An ADU provides a great solution, giving mom, dad or other aging relatives the opportunity to live on their own but still be close by.


2. Create an investment property in your backyard/basement


Portland doesn’t have owner occupancy requirements when it comes to ADUs, meaning that you can either rent the ADU space or live in it yourself. In fact, because of the way occupancy laws are structured, you can simultaneously rent out both the main home as well the ADU—giving you two different income opportunities.


Want to learn more? Get consultation on your ADU project now.




3. Build affording housing for your community


It’s well known that the cost of living in Portland is skyrocketing. Because an ADU is (in a way) a “mini house,” it can allow for more affordable housing for folks in your community that might not otherwise be able to afford to live in the city.


4. Live in a brand new home!


While some people use an ADU property as a second property for a family member or for a renter, don’t forget that you can move into it yourself! A new ADU comes with all the amenities of a new home: custom built, energy efficient, lower maintenance costs, etc. So if you’re pondering an ADU, don’t just think of it for another person—keep yourself in mind, too.


5. Downsize in the neighborhood you love


Many of us are in a position to downsize, but we don’t want give up living in our beloved neighborhood to do so. An ADU can allow you to age not only in a new space, but also in one that’s still familiar.


ADUs are incredibly versatile—it’s what makes them so attractive, especially in a city like Portland that’s running out of space in its urban core. If you have the space and the means, an ADU could be a terrific option for any of the five benefits listed above.


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