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Seven space-saving tips in your designs

June 12, 2018



“None of us have enough, and we’d do just about anything to get more.”


No, I’m not talking about money (although that’s not entirely inaccurate...). I’m talking about space. It doesn’t matter if we’re living in a tiny house or a mansion in the woods, we never really seem to have enough space.


What I’ve found, though, is there are a few design tricks that can add that little extra space we’ve all been looking for. Here are a few:


1. Pull out and lazy Susan shelves in corner cabinets


Even making the corners efficient can be a revelation. Rev-A-Shelf is a great source to find these to insert.


2. Spice racks mounted on the inside of upper cabinets


I know your cabinets might be full, but this often creates more space on the countertop in lieu of a spice rack.


3. Two layered silverware drawer inserts


We all have enough silverware and other cookware to fill up half our kitchen drawers. Why not consolidate?


4. Pantries of all sizes


Sometimes being creative can be fun, but in this case it’s functional: find the space you have and add more pantry storage. Don’t forget to include lots of pull outs so you can reach all the way to the back!




5. Cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling


You might need to invest in a step ladder to reach the top, but every inch matters! Oh, and another space-saving trick? Stick the ladder next to the fridge.


6. Small scale under-mount single bowl sink


Most people view the cabinet under the sink as a lost cause for any sort of storage. But if you’re creative, it doesn’t have to be!


7. Last, but not least… purge!


Part of space-saving is finding creative ways to add more storage space, but another part is simply getting rid of the things you don’t use anymore. Only keep the things you love. The rest? They creating nothing but wasted space.




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