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Stop Dreaming. Seriously.

May 7, 2018

Many of us move into a new home with the best of intentions.


For some, it’s replacing those crusty kitchen counters or finishing the basement. For others it might be adding a second sink so you and your family aren’t fighting over it every morning. And then life happens—you fast forward, but your home doesn’t catch up.


It’s a story I’ve seen dozens of times.


One of the most rewarding aspects of this business is seeing the hopes of home improvements that were a long time coming come to life. Recently I worked with a terrific family that decided to put the kitchen photos on their dream board—25 years worth—into action.




For all this dreaming, the first steps are actually quite straightforward. They start with looking at lots of pictures of other people’s projects, and researching the latest, most beautiful and efficient appliances.


In this case, we settled on two very cool appliances: a microwave drawer that’s especially nice for space saving and those of us with aging backs, and a fridge with all the bells and whistles of a spaceship (NASA technology not included, unfortunately). Both set the tone for this dramatic transformation.


The next step is finding the details that fit your budget.


What’s great about working with people that see a dream space in their head but are afraid to look at the price tag is how accessible a lot of these items are. For example, we were able to use a piece of quartz countertop that looked nearly identical to marble in this space as a cost saver. Seriously… you wouldn’t know the difference.




Finally, it’s all about the finishing touches: custom tile backsplash, lots of lighting (both overhead and under-cabinet), cabinet hardware and paint.


As you can see, the results were stunning.


It’s cliche and often overplayed to say, “Make your dream a reality.” In fact, it’s almost the sole reason why it took nearly the entire post to say it! But really, it’s these dream projects that make me excited and energized to work with you all.


So, tell me your dream. As they say, a goal is just a dream with a deadline, so let’s map out your goals and find a way to put them into action. It’s time.


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